Under Construction sign with Yellow Cow drawing in background

Under Construction

My website had been ‘under construction’ for over two years… Yes, I was busy doing websites and graphic projects for other people, but somehow I was also afraid of defining my style. It sometimes feels vulnerable to be out in the world, opening up about my own style of design. Doing work for a client seems easier to me, I get to bring their vision to life.

It’s almost the end of 2019 and I am starting with my New Years Resolution early. I think I am going to enjoy this journey. It was time to learn some new software and time to put myself out there with confidence. And to my own surprise, it is actually fun! I am learning so many new things online and offline.

I am still sticking with the Yellow Cow icon and using the font Lakki Reddy for the Yellow Cow Studio name. The colors of the website are chosen from the icon illustration, which started out as an illustration three years ago. It is a little tricky to use yellow as a background, but I think it creates a fun and happy design.

To build my new site I decided to use a proper theme and the Elementor page builder. After more than two years of attending the local WordPress meetups it is finally clicking in my head. So grateful for the knowledge that is being shared at those meetups.

Even though I have designed WordPress sites using a theme template and customizing various elements, I have only updated sites that use a page builder, never built one from scratch. Now I am wondering why I waited so long… It is like wearing real running shoes for the first time. How lightweight and easy it is to create custom elements with the right tools. Can’t wait to take longer run into this world.

Hopefully I can add on a little bit every week to make an awesome digital painting.

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